Affordable Housing Units
  • 12 new affordable [very low and moderate-income] Plan 1 housing units at Enclave in Ventura CA available for sale. Income and resale restrictions apply. Information is available at the Enclave Sales Office located at
    10630 North Bank Drive
    Ventura, CA 93004.
    Open Daily 10am - 6pm.
  • To learn more about the available units as well as enjoy a tour of our community, please call for an appointment at (805) 202-7288.
21A   A1 1022 $268,650 SOLD
44A A1 1022 $268,650 SOLD
47A A1 1022 $268,650 SOLD
47B 1B 1421 $301,500 SOLD
52A 1A 1022 $268,650 SOLD
52B 1B 1421 $301,500 SOLD
55A 1A 1022 $268,650 SOLD
55B 1B 1421 $301,500 SOLD
63A 1A 1022 $268,650 SOLD
63B 1B 1421 $301,500 SOLD
75A 1A 1022 $268,650 SOLD
75B 1B 1421 $301,500 SOLD

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Affordable Unit Application

Applications will be reviewed and considered in the order they are received. Applications must be submitted in person. Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Please all (805) 202-7288. or email for more information.